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Algarve property market

The Algarve property market has traditionally been a good investment, with consistent growth over the last 20 years. Within the Algarve property market you will find a diverse spread of property types and budgets, whether you are looking for a ruin to rebuild, a lock and leave apartment or a luxury villa.

The Algarve is a popular destination for all nationalities, and in recent years new nationalities have discovered the Algarve property market, notably the French and Scandinavian countries.

Because of the differences in the Algarve property market from the East to the West of the Algarve, and the totally different inland areas, there is a property for everyone.

Properties for sale in Central Algarve

Property for sale throughout the Central Algarve. Properties for sale in Loulé, Boliqueime, Vilamoura, Albufeira, Santa Barbara de Nexe, Goldra, Almancil, Alte and Salir.

The central Algarve has all types of properties, from coastal resorts, country villas, golf properties and lock and leave apartments.

Properties for sale in the Central Algarve within the most popular areas.

Sao Bras Property in Sao Bras for sale

São Brás de Alportel is a town with a flavour of the hills, and a charm from days gone by. It comes therefore at no surprise that Sao Bras Property benefits from the location and charm of the town. Take a walk through the Vale de Alportel and visit some of the hamlets replete with history; São Romão, Vilarinhos, Soalheira and Malhão, Vale da Corte, Juncais, Moremos and Umbria, Santa Catarina and Alportel, and you will quickly understand why Sao Bras Property for sale is as popular as it is.

During the months of January and February, here, and all over the Algarve, a blanket of white, like snow, covers the countryside as the almond trees come into bloom.  But it is not only the picturesque location that makes Sao Bras Property so high on the list of many Algarve Property buyers and Property investors. The proximity to Faro, the convenient link to the main Motorway just a few miles away, as well as the fact that Spain can be reached by car in matter of minutes rather than hours are further reasons why Sao Bras Property for sale is as sought after as it is. Especially amongst foreign buyers Sao Bras Property mirrors so well the conception people have when thinking of a life in the sun and life within a small traditional Portuguese town and community.

The property values for Sao Bras Property for sale are in line with similar locations elsewhere in the Algarve yet for all the above mentioned reasons Sao Bras offers a great deal other areas don´t.

Loule property for sale

Loule is a busy market town, full of tradition and with easy access to the beaches, Faro airport and beautiful countryside. It is no surprise that many people look for Loule property, particularly in areas such as Vale Telheiro, Alfeição and Poço Geraldo.

Loule property  is slightly more expensive than Sao Bras property.
One of the key attractions to Loule property owners  is the municipal market, which expands on a Saturday to fill the streets with all sorts of local products, foods and treats.
The castle is one of the key architectural features of the city, and along with the church of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, ie one of the main Loule property landmarks.

When searching for Loule property, you will find many different types of Loule property, in many different areas. Please contact us for help and advice, we have been selling Loule property since 2002 and can assist you in your search.

Boliqueime property for sale

The town of Boliqueime sits in the hills, just inland from Vilamoura. Much of the Boliqueime property enjoys sea views, particularly in areas such as Malhadais, Benfarras, Val de Vaca and Boliqueime town.

The village of Boliqueime has always been a popular choice for tourists and locals alike. Within the village there are cafés, restaurants, a hotel, post office, church, mini markets and everything you need on a day to day basis.

If you own a Boliqueime property then this is an obvious benefit, both for you and your guests.

We have a selection of Boliqueime property within our portfolio, ranging from small cottages right up to large modern villas.

Algarve Property for sale

Depending on the area and type of Algarve property for sale, prices of property in the Algarve have risen despite the negative impact of international economic slowdown on not just the Algarve property market. In comparison to the Spanish property market when during the boom years of property construction prices have soared to heights never experienced before,
The prices of Algarve property offered for sale have always remained much more realistic and market orientated. Algarve property for sale both within the private and commercial sector still enjoys a level of demand which considering the global economic situation is above that of many other countries.

As a holiday destination the Algarve remains a firm favourite amongst the European travellers, another reason why Algarve property for sale could resist the downturn better than most people expected. Overseas property investors looking to buy property continue to look at Algarve property for sale as one of the best options to invest securely in a property market which still has the capacity to generate a realistic and steady rate of growth, providing a solid return on capital investment. If you are looking to buy a property in the Algarve no matter if it is as a private buyer, or as a professional property investor, you should speak to us. Our expertise and local knowledge together with an extensive portfolio of Algarve property for sale makes Azul Properties an excellent choice as your property partner in the Algarve.

The purchase of Algarve property through Azul Properties, guarantees peace of mind, and a stress free experience and enjoyable experience. Come and speak to us, Azul Properties offers Algarve property for sale at the right market value

Monchique property for sale

Traditionally, property for sale in Monchique has been seen as a cheaper alternative, with rural houses being the staple of Monchique property for sale. However, this is not an accurate picture as there are many high quality villas in Monchique, with the benefit of clean, pure air and amazing views. Some properties in Monchique even have sea views.

Monchique is famous for its water, spa and in more recent years, a high quality hotel. The countryside around Monchique is full of delights, including the natural cascatas (waterfalls) which can be found in Barbelote, Penedo do Buraco and Chilrão.

Tavira property for sale

Many people are looking for Tavira property for sale. Tavira is a town that has a very distinct style and feel, you often feel that many parts have not changed for decades.

Tavira property is very diverse, as you can find everything possible, including old cottages, modern apartments, country villas and also many large plots.
The prices of Tavira property have increased generally since 2000, as there is constant demand in this area. Reduced prices in neighbouring Spain have had an effect in recent times.
Tavira property for sale is generally slightly cheaper than equivalent property in the central Algarve, so often those who want a little more for their money will look in Tavira.
Many people are searching for property for sale in Tavira, as it is a unique, vibrant town.

Albufeira property

Property for sale in Albufeira is often looked for by many different types of client. Property in Albufeira has options for everyone, ranging from holiday apartments close to everything through villas in rural areas such as Paderne, up to luxury sea view villas on the cliffs at Galé.

Because of the diverse range of property for sale in Albufeira, you are guaranteed to find something you like.
Property in Albufeira is often sought after by those looking for a busy resort with vibrant nightlife and extensive choice of bars and restaurants. Albufeira also have many quieter areas away from the resorts, where good quality properties are available. Galé, Paderne and Salgados are areas within Albufeira where excellent properties can be found.

Faro property for sale

When we talk about Faro property for sale, there is often confusion between the town of Faro, and the district of Faro, which includes areas such as Santa Barbara de Nexe, Estoi, Goldra and Montenegro. Within the town the type of Faro property for sale is more inclined towards primary habitation, with many apartments and townhouses.

Faro town itself still retains much of it´s charm, with downtown Faro (fronted by the Marina), being a favourite for many tourists. There are a number of excellent, traditional restaurants to be found in the “baixa” of Faro, plus all types of shops. The science museum is a great day out for kids (and adults). The boat trips that take you to the islands just off Faro are a fantastic idea for a different day at the beach.

Vilamoura property

There are many different types of Vilamoura property for sale. Whilst apartments and townhouses are very popular, and provide holiday homes at reasonable prices, there are also many villas within
Vilamoura, some now selling for many millions of euros.

Vilamoura has something for everyone; fabulous beaches (Praia de Falesia is one of the best), a beautiful marina with excellent restaurants and lots of nightlife, a modern water park (now including indoor water slides), 5 star hotels, many sporting and leisure facilities and a very well maintained, smart image.

Property in Vilamoura has traditionally been a good investment, as Vilamoura has constantly evolved and improved as a destination.