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News - Energy Certificates

News - Energy Certificates


Energy Certificates

As of December 2013, all properties for sale must have an energy certificate (Certificado Energético)

As of the 1st December 2013, it is compulsory (Decreto-Lei n.º 118/2013) to have an energy certificate for all properties (excluding ruins) that are for sale. Previously, the energy certificate had to be provided on the day of the escritura.

We have been waiting to see if this law is going to be applied, and we have also asked APEMIP (our professional association) for clarification. The response has been that to comply with the law, property owners must provide Energy Certificates, and real estate agents must include the energy classification within any advertising from the 1st December 2013.

The fines for not complying with this law are substantial. The fine for property owners ranges from €250 to €44.890, and the fines for real estate companies range from €2.500 to €44.890.

Whilst there is no doubt that this is a poor application of the law, and the timescales and fines are ridiculous, we have to advise our clients that they need to comply, or risk heavy fines. We also have to consider our own position, as we do not want to be heavily fined as a result of this new law.

We are aware that the majority of our property owners do not want the hassle of organising this, so we have made an agreement with a local engineer who normally provides energy certificates for our clients. He has agreed a flat rate charge, discounted from the normal rates he charges. In many cases, we have been sent offers of cheaper rates, but there are always extra costs (for example, in some cases the engineer will charge €30 extra if plans are not available).

The costs for the provision of energy certificates are as follows:

Apartments: €165 plus €45 (Paid to ADENE for the certificate), plus IVA
Houses/Villas up to 250 m2 built area: €190 plus €45 (Paid to ADENE for the certificate), plus IVA

In other cases (commercial buildings, larger houses etc). then a quote will be given to the owner.

Payment is made directly to the engineer once the works are completed (many companies are asking for pre-payment).

If you would like Azul Properties to organise the energy certificate, then we will provide the engineer with the necessary information, and arrange access to your property. Once the certificate is complete, you will receive a copy by email.

If you are going to make your own arrangements then please send us a copy of your energy certificate.

Should you have any questions then please contact me

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