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Choosing A Property Manager

Choosing A Property Manager


Choosing a property manager

There are many property management companies in the Algarve, offering a variety of services and differing levels of professionalism. Your relationship with your property manager is very important, and when you select a company to manage your villa or apartment, there are some important factors to consider:

    * Flexibility. Are they willing to adapt their services to your needs, and very importantly your guests needs

    * Knowledge. An in depth knowledge of local suppliers, specialist repair companies, construction standards, technical equipment and facilities is essential. Good knowledge and the right contacts can save you time and money

    * Transparency. If there is a problem, you need to be notified immediately, and be given time to find a solution. If you are unhappy with the costs of works carried out, you want copies of receipts to prove the true costs incurred

    * Honesty. You have to trust your management company, and a key element of this is an honest relationship

    * Records. If you are paying for regular pool maintenance, or house inspections, these should be documented and recorded.