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Buying Or Selling

Buying Or Selling


Whether you are buying or selling a residential or commercial property in the Algarve, it is important that you research the costs, taxes, running costs, future liabilities and common questions both buyers and sellers ask.

Within our website you will find the following sections, which explain in detail the key information you need when buying or selling a property in the Algarve:

Buying in Portugal
Information for those buying property in the Algarve

Taxes and costs
The taxes and other costs associated with buying a property in Portugal

Offshore Property
A simple explanation of purchasing property owned by an offshore company

Commonly asked questions-Buyers
Questions that buyers of property in the Algarve often ask

Selling a property in Portugal
Tips and hints for those wanting to sell a property in the Algarve

Property documentation
Details of all the relevant documents you need to know about when buying or selling a property in the Algarve

Commonly asked questions-Sellers
Questions that we are commonly asked by those selling property in the Algarve