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News - Obligatory Fire Protection

News - Obligatory Fire Protection


Obligatory Fire Protection

As a direct result of the fires in recent years, the Government has published a guide to fire prevention measures for rural areas.

folheto fgccasasingles  thumbTo combat the danger posed by fires in rural areas, updated obligations have been issued by the Government.

Whilst there has been some confusion regarding this, in summary the requirements are as follows:

-Within a radius of 50m from a house it is obligatory to cut/prune vegetation and trees. The following rules apply within this zone:
-Trees must be at least 5m from the house. Those within 5m must be removed, unless they are fruit trees, carob trees and certain others.
-Trees must not extend over the roof of a house
-The base of trees should have branches removed  to a height of 4m, or half the height of the tree if the tree is less than 8m tall
-Shrubs are to be cut to a height of 50cm
-Trees have to have a distance of 4m between them, 10m in the case of pine and Eucaliptos trees.

folheto fgccasasingles  thumbPlease note that there is some flexibility within these rules and clarification can be obtained from the GNR in your area.

At the time of writing, the relevant measures need to be taken by March 15th 2018, although it seems unlikely that this deadline can realistically be met.

Full information can be downloaded in English and Portuguese here:

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